Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Psalm of Relief... (Sing to the tune of "Oh, God You heard me?!")

"What a difference a day makes. I cried out to You, at my ropes end, and You answered.  From my dark pit of gloom, You jumped in with me, cared for me and pulled me out to safe light.
I thought You were away from me, but You were there with me.  I can't believe how You have answered my prayers. I withdrew, but You pursued.  I got angry and quiet, yet You sang soothingly soft to me.  In my despair, You lifted my chin, looked me in the eyes, smiled at me, saying no words, but speaking volumes of comfort to me.
Now my soul hopes.  Now my spirit smiles.  Now my heart laughs again, and my stinging cheeks soaked from saline saturated sorrows are soothed and refreshed as though cool sunny, spring rains have rinsed them and refreshed them. 
My doubts turned to humbled confidence that You have me.  My fears are relieved as You flip on the light switch showing me that my monsters aren't real.  You sit at my bedside until I drift off to sound sleep.  You rest me.
You come along side me.  You take the load I'm carrying from off my shoulders and onto Yours.  You give me a cool drink that refreshes my parched throat of weariness.  You sit with me.  You enjoy a good movie with me as we sit worry free on my couch.  You laugh with me and take my mind from any troubles I see.  You are there for me.
My silence is turned to joyous, robust singing without care of pitch or tone because my heart is forming the notes and not my well thought out mouth.  I'm not worried at my inability to sing well... I'm just elated that now I can sing.
Ah, you refresh me!  You reclaim my soul from Hell.  You chase away my Enemy and I am safe.
You heard; You came; You loved... You conquered all."

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